History of MIA

Dato’ Dr. P.H.S. Lim founded the Malaysian Investors’ Association ( MIA) on 4 July 1986.

The significance of the date of incorporation was that Lim wanted to see a more just and level playing field for the many investors engaged in various fields of investment in our country, especially in the investment of stocks and shares.In the 1980s, there were many instances of gross manipulations in the stock market. Lim saw the need for more stringent laws and regulations to control it.
He diligently forwarded many memoranda to the Ministry of Finance that had time and again came to face many crises in the market.He urged the setting up of a Securities Commission to oversee a more regulated market mechanism, introduction of share buybacks allowing public listed companies (PLCs) to buy back their shares when assaulted by the force of falling share prices.
He fought for the right of innocent investors who were cheated with the issuance of false share certificates in Pahang Investment . His sharp knowledge in economic data had endeared him to the many economic desks editors who used to quote him on financial trends .
His words were highly valued for his advices and predictions always came true.His activities in MIA actually overshadowed his earlier success in the field of art.
To many, Lim would always be remembered as the founder President of MIA,
an honorary post he had held for 29 years.
May his soul rest in peace.

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